No Contact Sheets

The second publication to be stocked in Palomino that has been produced during/as a result of the pandemic, the amazing group 'zine No Contact Sheets. Benjamin Deberdt's 25 year old workhorse Nikon FM2 was passed between 16 photographers in Paris, no one straying outside of their 1km zone from their home all shooting onto the same roll of film. Each photographer shot one frame and a portrait of the next photographer when they met to pass on the camera.

Featuring the work of Benjamin Deberdt, George Booth Cole, JB Gurliat, Yedihael Canal, Greg Dezecot, Louis Perruchaud, Clement Chouleur, Bertrand Trichet, Clement Harpillard, Scott H. Bourne, Thomas Busuttil, Sergej Vutuc, Mathieu Mathon, Oliver 'Tavu' Ente, Pierre Tedjaman, Ludovic Azemar, finally ending up at Atelier Publimod where the film was processed. Also featuring writing from JB, Greg, George, Scott, Clement and Mathieu all threaded together with Sergej Vutuc's inimitable presentation.

The resulting 22 page, 20 X 28,5 cm xeroxed 'zine is packaged with a folded A3 poster with the full index of photographs and one of the texts on one side, with one of the full size images on the other.



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