PNM by Felipe Bartolomé


2020 appears to be starting out just fine. So happy to finally have something from Handshake available in Palomino, and Felipe Bartolomé's PNM is a perfect first addition. Two books housed in a paper folder, each featuring Felipe's photography shot in Paris in 2017. V1 in the city, V2 in the suburbs.

v1 is white, V2 is black, both feature full colour photography of the architecture, street furniture, obstacles, lurkers, skaters, and skateboarding that takes place in each location.

Full colour, 20 x 20 cm, 36 & 40 pages.

Can't recommend this enough, hyped to have finally made this happen!

Please note, to keep shipping costs down this will not ship with any free magazines, if you want any in your parcel make sure you add them to your cart!