Ramdom: Ramon Zuliani & Diego Garcia Dominguez

Yet another sick 1991 Books outing, this time a collaboration between Italy's Ramon Zuliani and Diego Garcia Dominguez in a joint 'zine of 35mm photography. As always with 1991, DIY ethics are applied but taken to the next level of quality and presentation. 

Featuring photos shot in Milan, New York, Rome, Sicily, Paris, Iceland, Marseille and Vancouver with Pepe Tirelli, Aref Koushesh, Andrew Reynolds, Matteo Botti, Nicola Giordano, René Olivo, Gianluca Mariani, Alessandro Cesario, Mark Suciu, Matt Schleyer, Mac Shafer, Adriano La Greca, Jacopo Carozzi, Ruben Spelta, Diego Garcia Dominguez and Lucas Amador.

44 pages, 29 X 21cm, softcover, B&W Xerox photocopy.

The last quarter of 2020 keeps delivering, the volume of amazing books and 'zines that have come out in the latter part of the year is ridiculous. Long may it continue.


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