Same Old Issue 23

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If you got the (sort of) first issue of Same Old and thought that was good (you may get the impression I did), then wait till you get your hands on this one! An insane amount of love and passion has gone into this issue, including a trip to California, and it certainly shows in this collection of interviews, letters, faxes, adverts, zines, articles and artwork.

I don't know quite where to start on what's in here but.... Lance Mountain replies to a 22 year old fan letter, a piece on Vans produced with The Other Side Of The Pillow's Henry Davies, including Kristy Van Doren interviewing her grandfather and co-founder of Vans Paul Van Doren, the most insane letter from 1978, sent by Stacy Peralta to the South Coast pro James Davies, a 2001 letter from an incarcerated Jay Adams to Todd Huber, a Sean Cliver interview, a Chicago section, Blaize Blouin, a collection of David Scott's photos from Venice Beach taken from 1977-1987 and so much more.

Contributions from Lance Mountain, Damon Way, Koolmoeleo, Todd Huber (Skatelab), Tobin Yelland, Mike Blabac, Bobshirt, Miki Vuckovich, Kevin Wilkins, David Scott, Jürgen Blümlein (Skateboard Museum), Jacob Rosenburg, Ron Chatman, Jef Hartsel, Tim Hardy, Brian Lotti, Ed Loftus, Richard Hart, Chuck Hults, Richard Jay, Rick Ibesta, Ed Syder, Andy Jenkins, Steve Castle & Jon Westand the list goes on.

Don't hesitate for a second. If you have any interest in skateboarding whatsoever, get yourself a copy instantly. As with Issue 22, as good as it gets.

94 page, 21.5 X 30cm, full colour, perfect bound.