Another very, very special book that Palomino is lucky enough to have copies of, Asbjørn Sand's collection of photography documenting the Danish skateboard community shot over the last 10 years. Certainly one of the most beautiful and moving books to have sat on the shelves here at Palomino, I cannot recommend it enough.

This hugely emotive and personal collection of photos follows a group of friends over an extended period of time in much the same way as Claudio Majorana's Head Of The Lion, in turns funny, touching, sexual, exhilarating, and poignant.

Introduction by poet, writer, and singer Nikolaj Zeuthen.

First edition, 96 pages, B&W, 3.5mm heavy card cover with inset print, open spine.

Please just get yourself a copy of this book and spend some time with it, it's something else.