Watching a Supermodel Sleep on a Plane - Sam Hutchinson

Such a brilliant new book from Leeds based skater Sam Hutchinson. Beautifully presented by Bronze Age and Pagemasters. 

"You’ve found yourself in a digital age of capitalist targeted advertising and the ‘post truth’ phenomenon, where concerns are raised about the legitimacy of the online media, social control and manipulation of the masses. The following sponsored content has been appropriated from trusted sources, delegitimising its truth, and using its own propaganda tactics to shock and indoctrinate a set of belief systems into its audience.

You will believe that the commercial, capitalist forms of visual pollution can be taken, and used for yourself. Steal from those that can afford to be stolen from and claim it as your own. Make the internet great again".

120 pages, 13.5 x 19.5 cm, 4 colour risoprint, embossed holographic foil cover, softcover. 

Edition of 400, published by Bronze Age, printed by Pagemasters.

Cannot recommend this one enough, big up Blinky you SMASHED it!


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